Jan 18, 2011

Bagels with a Side of Needless Vindictiveness

It was recently brought to my attention that Bagels On Broadway, makers of delicious bagels, not only have terrible radio advertisements but are somewhat evil as well.

This article (Sacred Trash by Jessie Froehling) from the Missoula Independent (February 2009) tells the unfortunate tale.

Since there are only three sentences addressing Bagels On Broadway in particular, I'll post them here.

"An employee who requested anonymity says that the owner asks workers to dump vinegar on discarded bagels to keep people from fishing them out of the trash."

The anonymous employee is quoted:
“But we don’t really do it. I don’t know, it just seems kinda…not fair. I mean, if you’re digging through the trash for food…”

This is all the info I could scrounge up in my dedicated five minute Google search. I don't know if this is still something the business practices, but I certainly hope not.

Dick move, BOB, dick move.

I don't think I'll be patronizing your establishment any longer.

image from here

Jan 11, 2011

Artist of the Day: Banksy

If you have been on the Internet before (you're there right now!) then you are likely aware of Banksy and his delightful snarkiness.

Here are two of my favorite examples of his street art:

Graffiti is where he got his start. He is also notorious for slipping pieces into galleries and museums.

More recently though, he's been getting real, live exhibitions of his very own. The attendance to which are staggering. Here's a link on his (free) exhibition in the Bristol City Museum.

A couple highlights:

I think one of the most excellent, broad-reaching things he's done so far, however, is his "couch gag" with The Simpsons. The beginning is relatively business as usual, with Banksy references (rats, crows, vandalism) sprinkled here and there.

Right around 0:37 is where it really gets interesting and amusing.

How my Art Criticism professor hesitates to include him in our list of contemporary artists this past semester, I just don't understand.