Dec 21, 2010

Update: Bagels Remain Delicous, Not Punny

Dear Bagels on Broadway,

Anyone who has lived in Missoula for any small amount of time probably knows that you make delicious and pretty affordable bagels.

This is why it pains/disturbs me to learn that you have resorted to creating a not-at-all-clever "Twas the Night Before Christmas" type radio advertisement. It is completely unnecessary.

Chelsey: A Concerned Missoulian

Seriously, though. If you live in Missoula and have somehow not tried one of these tasty bagels, you totally should.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, they throw huge amounts of food away instead of offering them to the food bank, and actively ensure that the discarded food isn't eaten by soaking it in vinegar.

Chelsey V said...

For real? That's fucked up.

New post concerning that to come.