Dec 20, 2010

The Reason Why I Am Not a Starving Artist but Am Still Quite Cash Poor or I Am My Own Grandpa

I am not a starving artist. This is only because I do not rely on my artistic endeavors to financially support myself. In fact, my low-wage student job includes a meal at the end of my shift, ensuring my freedom from starvation.

Man I love not starving.

I like to think that I'm self-employed because I work for my state-run university which I pay anti-money to attend (in this case, anti-money=federal student loans).

I also pay taxes, which go to the University, which pays me for working in their cafeteria, the money from which I use to pay taxes. I am my own source of income!

It's a vicious cycle of symbolic gestures where I pay them to pay me to pay them to pay me.

In all actuality, I'm “paying” for school by promising the Montana and US Governments that I will one day eventually use Real Money to pay for the anti-monies that paid for school.

I even pinky-promised.

That shit is legally binding.

What I'm really trying to say here is that I should not have to pay for school.

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