Dec 19, 2010

Intrauterine Device

I suppose I am writing this because I recently had an IUD* inserted. I have also become wary of ibuprofen and its potential to rend my innards asunder. If you have personal experience with IUDs (IntraUterine Devices) then you might have an idea of how {Recent IUD Insertion} minus {Ibuprofen} equals {Supercramps}.

So here I lie, mostly prone on my dangerously comfortable bed, intermittently wracked with a sudden sharp pain emanating from my fruitless womb.

I already have a blog called Chelsey V's Thing a Day. However, should you deign yourself to experience what has become utter mediocrity there, you will notice that I am very sparse with words. It's a personal art blog and a tool for honing my Photoshop skillz in the vain(?) hope that they shall someday pay the billz.

I hope this new blog (my but blogging is a slippery slope!) will become an outlet for my sudden spurts of writing mania (usually induced my illness, injury, or IUD insertion) and maybe, just maybe I'll become Internet Famous cause apparently that's what bloggers do.

Have a lovely day and y'all come back now, y'hear**?

*Here is the Mirena website. Join us...forever...or the next five years...

**I am not from the American South. I live in Montana. I will occasionally adopt a southern bumpkin dialect, much to the dismay of my lovely boyfriend.

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