Nov 17, 2012

A recent, long-overdue visit to my local public library has inspired my recent re-infatuation with The Shins. I checked out Wincing the Night Away, the band's 2007 release. If you're not familiar with the kickin' bass and layered lyrical content of The Shins, you totally should be.

Because I am currently obsessed with this album, and I've been thinking about the lyrics to the songs almost incessantly, I offer my interpretation of the bitchin' song Sea Legs.

In case you're not familiar:

I used red text for lyrics I'm kinda stuck on and don't really know how to interpret. I haven't done any research on the intended meaning of the song; all I've done is copy the lyrics from

Of all the churning random hearts under the sun eventually fading into night, These two are opening now As we lie, I touch you wonderful alive.

(Me: Think of all the people in the world living and dying as we lie here showing our vulnerabilities to one another and sexing it up.)

Girl, if you're a seascape
I'm a listing boat, for the thing carries every hope.

I invest in a single life.
The choice is yours to be loved
Come away from it empty of but us.

(me: I prefer not to complicate things with a long-term relationship. It's up to you if you want to get freaky together. Even when it ends, we'll have the memories.)

'Cause when the dead moon
Rises again
There's no time to stall or protocol
To hem us in.
And when the dog slides
Underneath the train,
There's no **** no use searching for
The mutt's remains.

(me: 'cause when it's a new moon (no light to call attention to us), we don't have to worry about any inhibitions. When we ultimately aren't faithful to each other (dog=fidelity), there's no use trying to make a big deal out of it, because it seems like we have an understanding on the matter)

Throw all consequence aside
the cheerless pyre we will set alight.

(me: Don't worry about the consequences of our tryst. Fuck it, let's have meaningless sex.)

Of all the intersecting lines in the sand
I routed a labyrinth to your lap.
I never used a map sliding off the land
On an incidental tide,
And along the way you know, they tried
They tried.

(me: Out of all the people's sides I could have taken, I chose to sex you up specifically. It's a weird twist of fate that I didn't plan.)

And we got sea legs
And we're off tonight
they can't have that to which they've no right
You belong to a simpler time
I'm a victim to the impact of these words,
And this rhyme.

(me: We're experienced in these matters. Let's run away together tonight.)

So yeah. Obviously there's still some stuff in here that I have no fucking clue how to interpret. Anyone have any ideas?

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